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Quarantine and Quinoa

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Hey folks.  There literally is no time like the present than to dust off my keyboard and chat with you for a minute, is there?  This isn’t an official recipe post, so don’t get too excited.  I figured a blog is also for talking and journaling and connecting.  And right now, life outside the nuclear family is taking place online.

We got the notification that our second grader’s school is officially closed until May 1st, but I’m convinced the rest of the school year will be done at home.  So, I’m making the most of it, as we all are.  To be honest, outside of the mild anxiety that creeps in about catching covid if we have to make a physical grocery run, or the fear that this will go on for the rest of 2020 and beyond, I’m quite enjoying our confinement to the house.  As a natural homebody who usually feels guilty wanting to stay home when there’s a world out there to discover, I feel an enormous sense of freedom without that guilt.  We don’t have to do our 7 – 7:45am stressful dash to get Deven ready for school and out the door on time.  I don’t have to commute for his daily pickup.  We can get a ton of weeding done.  So far, it’s been lovely.

We started potty training….again… cause Baby Bodhi who isn’t really a baby anymore thinks he still is.  And we started homeschooling, which in all honesty has been a little bit fun.  I’ve found it therapeutic to compile resources and print out some work sheets or set up a FaceTime live video for Deven about the plight of coral and ocean health.  He seems to be taking it in stride, too.  He’s probably talked more to his school friends than ever before, as we set up a kids messenger app for them to have video chats and play games with each other.  It’s been sweet to watch these relationships develop and advance in such a short time.  But he does miss school.  He said he likes school better than me teaching.  Thanks, dude.

And the cooking.  I don’t know what else to do with myself except cook.  Except quarantine makes me realize how much I really rely on fresh produce.  And eggs.  It took us a week to procure 2 dozen eggs. I haven’t actually made quinoa yet, despite my title.  But I bought a 2 lb bag of it, so I’ll get there. My food inspiration comes and goes for blog worthy creations.  I keep waiting for the groove to hit me again, like it did in the prime of my putting this space together.  But that was pre-Bodhi and now I’ve got two kids at home all day, so trying to keep it all together while working towards goals doesn’t feel like it’s totally clicked yet. I’m hoping.  A friend of mine is dropping off a Passion Planner for me this week, which I hear good things about. Maybe it will change my life and my business!  And seeing as how I don’t have a business right now, since I had to stop seeing clients, pivoting towards monetizing my online presence feels like a worthy goal.  I can still work with nutrition clients, since that can be done on the phone, but massage therapy was bread and butter.  I can definitely not release your semitendinosus online.

As for Mr. Caitlin, his company, 412 Food Rescue is considered essential and he is working from home now, more than ever.  They are currently working on new ways to get rescued food to kids who relied on school lunch programs for daily meals. He set up shop in our crazy cluttered basement which was in the middle of being renovated when our contractors had to stop. We’re adapting!

All in all, though, I am incredibly grateful that we are able to keep moving through this time without an incredible amount of loss.  Yes, I am losing some money, but it won’t bankrupt us.  My husband can keep working.  I already had the flexibility in my life to take on homeschooling.  My parents, in the high risk category that they are are still healthy and unaffected and we’re keeping our distance.  I’m not juggling the brutal things so many people in this country are right now, and my heart truly and fully goes out to them, to YOU, if you’re reading this.

We will get to the other side.  We will go to the theater again.  Life will rebuild.  But for now, it’s OK for things to just be weird.


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