The Reason I became a Health Coach

Making & Breaking the Rules

I told myself thousands of times, “don’t eat the cookies!” And what did my inner rebel do every single time?  Ate ALL the cookies. And then a few more.

Sound familiar?  When my eczema became unbearable, I was forced to reckon with how I was taking care of myself.  What I didn’t realize was how much the food I was experimenting with to heal my skin was affecting every facet of my life.  Years after using food as medicine to heal my gut as the throughway to healing my skin, did I also finally tackle life long issues with emotional and disordered eating.

You’re likely here because you’re frustrated with yourself for not loving your body the way society tells you to, exhausted from the back and forth of what the “right” diet is that will make you feel like the million dollar version of yourself you know must be hiding.  You deeply yearn for balance in your health.  You want to look good AND feel good.  You want to enjoy eating without the stress of a million health rules but still support your vitality and longevity.  You want to both move more and relax more.  If you are truly ready to accept the challenge of getting to know yourself more intimately as it relates to your health, you’re in a safe space.

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You Can Change!

I Can Help!
1:1 Coaching

1:1 Coaching

Perfect for you if..

Private coaching offers you a truly personalized approach based on your core self. We’ll explore your values, strengths, and your relationship to food on a deep level while creating a path to make consistent change that lasts.

Group Coaching

What You Get..

A cost effective way to experience the benefits of coaching and bond with other people on the journey. Limited to 5-8 people, you will explore ways to keep your motivation alive, learn about your personal strengths and values, and get the best lifestyle tips from professional resources, mine and our group’s lived experiences.

Therapeutic Massage

Get Inspired...

If you’re in the city of Pittsburgh, you may book massage therapy with me in my physical office within Sneha Yoga & Wellness Collective, located in Upper Lawrenceville.

What Coaching Can Do

Get your goals and your values in alignment!
  • It’s not usually about the weight…

  • You’ll learn that caring for yourself with sound nutrition and other important lifestyle factors is about how you FEEL.
  • Exercises to help you discover who you are…

  • You’ll learn how awesome you are through some introspective assignments. We’ll use this knowledge to help craft a healthy living plan that works for your unique life. No short term, quick fixes here, folks!
  • Your past affects your future…

  • But unlike therapy, coaching doesn’t dwell on, or try to fix the past.  Acknowledging what has supported past success, or created barriers to it, is important to consider for reaching future goals.
  • No prescriptive advice…

  • If you want someone to tell you exactly what to do, how to eat, when to sleep, coaching may not be right for you. This is a self discovery process that helps you create the building blocks for sustained healthy habits. I’m here to support you in what YOU want to accomplish, while occasionally providing information, sharing resources, and acting as a guide if you feel a little lost.

Future Home of Happy Clients

See What They've Achieved!
“Caitlin will completely transform your mindset towards food and your relationship with your body. I’m now kinder to myself and am happier, not just because I lost weight, but because I learned to appreciate and take care of myself.”

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