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Hello! I’m Caitlin Grater, and I’m going to help you reach your health goals, reclaim your energy, and understand the connection between your food and your symptoms.

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How'd I Get Here?

Committing to Myself
In my 20’s, I suffered from severe eczema, allergies, and hives. I was given steroid cream and told that was all I could do about it. That didn’t sit right with me, and sent me on a journey into the world of nutritional healing, before I realized that what I was doing was “functional medicine.” I learned so much about how my body reacts to different foods, the microbiome, and ultimately realized that the absence of disease is not the same as healthy. I was floored by how different I felt after changing the way I ate- no more eczema and hives, even my seasonal allergies disappeared! After 20 years as a serious dancer, I knew I’d found my new passion.
In recent years I’ve learned that health doesn’t solely hinge on dietary patterns, though. Our thoughts, environments, lifelong habits, exercise and ways we deal with stress all work in tandem with diet when it comes to our health. For me, changing food was the hook that led me to appreciate these other elements. It is my hope that I can help guide you on the path of your own design to finding your healthy spark, and to feel alive in a way you’ve never thought possible!

My Training

My certification is from THE FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE COACHING created in collaboration with The Institute of Functional Medicine. IFM trains licensed medical providers in the evidence-based research emerging in lifestyle medicine, most notably the use of dietary interventions, nutritional therapeutics, and advanced testing to prevent and reverse chronic disease. There are many Functional Medicine practices around the country, including those that offer primary care medical services. The most famous center is The Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine, which is spearheading the scientific research in getting diet and lifestyle medicine and testing as a standard of care treatment in chronic disease management and prevention. There are many notable physicians practicing functional medicine, including Dr. Mark Hyman, who I personally admire for using his platform to address the complex issues between economic disparity and health outcomes, and ways in which to make nutrition and lifestyle education accessible for all. As a health coach trained in the concepts of functional medicine, I am especially equipped to help anyone under the care of a FM physician with dietary changes they’ve been asked to implement, including elimination diets, cardio-metabolic plans, and anti-inflammatory diets.

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