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Best Bone Broth

First, I want to apologize for not being as active with my recipe sharing as I’d like to be.  I have friends begging me for recipes, and…well, with 5 month old and 5 year old little boys, it is harder than I thought to find the time to cook, photograph, write, edit, etc. etc.  Luckily, Deven the man is in kindergarten and Baby Bodhi is sound asleep right now, and the inspiration has struck me…laundry be damned! So please stick with me, and stay on top of me to bring more cooking and health to you!  I do serve up some pretty regular food inspiration on my Instagram page, (@caitlins_cupboard) so follow along there for ideas.

Now, onto my broth!

I’ve made chicken bone broth many times, but this right here folks is the real deal.  Ameesh and I have had cuts of beef from a quarter-cow we went in on a while ago, and the very last thing in our freezer was a GIANT soup bone.  Bones, actually.  I made short ribs a few days ago and had those bones, too, and I wasn’t gonna let any of them go to waste.  Why? Because bone broth has some amazing health benefits.  And like all things healthy these days that get picked up by mainstreamers, it’s now being found in stores (yay!), but is really expensive (aww, man.)  So, obviously making your own is the biggest win.

So what’s so great about homemade bone broth you ask?  

Healing and Preventing Cold Sores Naturally

I have an embarrassing confession.

I am a life long sufferer of herpes.  You might know them as cold sores.

There are different kind of sores that can occur around and in the mouth, but Herpes Simplex Virus – 1 is the viral cause of recurring sores.  They begin as a deep itch and