What is Health Coaching?

How Can It Help You?


Coaching is based in the pscyhology of habit change, heavily relying on aspects of positive psychology, motivational interviewing, personal values, and charachter strengths. Health coaching is specfically centered on helping clients address critical areas of health including dietary improvements, stress, sleep, exercise, and smoking cessation. It is client led, without prescriptive advice, with the understanding that the client already knows what to do and has the ability to do it. As a coach, my job is to support your goals, help you understand how to approach them in a way that fits with your lifestyle and values, and provide occasional education, resources, and referrals when necessary. Coaching looks ahead at your big goals and helps you as the client view them as achievable.

A Fresh Approach To Health & Life

1:1 Coaching

1:1 Coaching

Perfect for you if..

Private coaching offers you a truly personalized approach based on your core self. We’ll explore your values, strengths, and your relationship to food on a deep level while creating a path to make consistent change that lasts.

Group Coaching

What You Get..

A cost effective way to experience the benefits of coaching and bond with other people on the journey. Limited to 5-8 people, you will explore ways to keep your motivation alive, learn about your personal strengths and values, and get the best lifestyle tips from professional resources, mine and our group’s lived experiences.

Meal Plans

Get Inspired...

Inspiration for healthy meals and snacks that fuel you up, and keep you going. These are what I keep in my regular rotation for my own family.


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Erica Powell, 32, New York