Sweet Stuff

Truffle Parsnip Fries

You guys.  These fries.  They are both candy and potato chip addiction level.  Maybe you’ve had parsnips before and you think, “nah, not my thing.” But then you have these parsnips, and you’re immediately, “these are crack, I need all the parsnips.” Because while a parsnip purée is lovely and all, this is hands down the best way to enjoy…

Buckwheat Banana Date Cake

I have a confession: I suck at baking.

I don’t like to follow directions.  My ego wants me to put a bunch of ingredients in a bowl, wave a magic wand, and create something delicious.  It’s easier to do this with savory dinners in a pot on a stove than it is in baking.  Baking is actual science where the difference between one teaspoon and two makes or breaks the dish.

Detox Mango Fruit Pops

Hi friends!  I hope this summer has been going swimmingly for you.  We have a few weeks left to enjoy (or curse) heat.  In these dog days, frozen treats are pretty irresistible.  They are usually pretty sugar-packed, too.  But these frozen fruit pops can assuage your guilt because not only do they have a delicious mango flavor, they also get a boost from heavy metal chelators, parsley and cilantro.  And there’s some cucumber and gelatin in there for added nutrition, protein, and gut healing properties, too! The mango adds a punch of vitamins C and A, immune system powerhouses.

For these popsicles, I did bust out the juicer AND the blender.  

Master Cleanse Salad

Some of you may have heard of the Master Cleanse in which you spend a few days up to a few weeks drinking a concoction of water with lemon juice, Grade B maple syrup and cayenne pepper.  Now, I’m not going to go into my thoughts and opinions on cleanses as I feel the validity of any type of “cleanse”…

Single Serving Lemon Poppy Seed Cake

Friday was my birthday.  While I had a lovely evening with my husband grabbing drinks, appetizers, and seeing a wonderful ballet, I did not get cake or blow out candles.  So the next morning, I decided to make myself a cake.  And because I didn’t want to be left with an entire cake to nibble from all day, I wanted to make one serving only.  And because it was morning, and breakfast and I love this flavor- I decided lemon poppy seed was it.