Grater Health fans and friends! I am back. And this time, it’s for good. I have been relatively busy on Instagram as you’ve likely been following, but blogging is where I truly feel more at home. Letting my thoughts flow from my fingers without the insecurity that comes with being on video. I’m still trying to do that and get over the fear, cause business coaches keep saying it’s a good thing for business. Still not my favorite.

Anyway, things have been up to a rolling start this 2023. I’ve been in a new office since September in Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh at Sneha Yoga & Wellness Collective and within the month of January I have 3 workshops on the schedule! 2 with Sneha, and one as a guest speaker for a Beauty Boost Pittsburgh event. This Thursday, I’ll be speaking again at Sneha about the benefits of massage therapy and offering mini sessions 🙂

This year, I will be expanding my writing reperatoire to talk a bit more about my thoughts and feelings on food, psychology, create more recipes, and share more about my own evolution with health. It never ends, even when you’re what most would deem a healthy person. There is always something new to learn about your body and your soul and so many ways to explore deepening our connections between them!

For me, my biggest health win in 2022 was finally not falling prey to binge eating sugar, and now knowing how to avoid the shame and binge cycle. AND, no I didn’t have to 100% swear off sugar forever to do it. If that’s your unsweetened jam, great! But my personal journey truly requires a moderate approach after all. I truly wish I had done this work first, but at the time I was just desperately afraid of eating foods that would make me break out into hives and eczema, so I worked with food elimination first, without ever really dealing with basic concepts such as balanced blood sugar and exploring my psychological ties to overeating, especially baked goods. I am hoping to bring this wisdom to my coaching practice as I know it will help so many people wrestling with food choices they feel they have no control over.

I’d love to have you join me on your own journey with discovering what your health needs really are this year! Please join my mailing list to stay up to date on whatever Instagram doesn’t share with you, in terms of workshops and deals! As a thank you, you’ll receive my 7 Day Journal to Kickstart Your Journey that you may print and start working on over the course of the next week to begin the process of self discovery that will lead to more sustainable approaches to food habits and hopefully your healthiest state!

If you’re ready to jump right in to my services, you may book me here. 15 minute consultations are done via my HIPAA compliant coaching platform, and other coaching services may be virtual or in person depending on your location!

Looking forward to spending a wonderful, healthy, happy 2023 with you all!



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