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I’ll Be Back

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By all means, make an Arnold voice when you read that.  I know things have been a little slow on the Cupboard front recently, and I wanted to reach out to let you know that things will be picking up again shortly!

Momming a 4 year old has been pretty time consuming of late, and then there is also the issue of our gutted kitchen!  Every winter (coming up on 4!), our kitchen temperature drops to almost meet the outside temp.  It’s pretty miserable.  So we FINALLY took the plunge to find and fix the problem.

And, well….

We found it!  Among other hole-y problems, the craziest issue was an open window – with the blind still on- behind our wall!

Yaaay, home ownership!

But don’t worry kids, this project will be wrapping up by the end of the week, and I’ll be back in the kitchen next week while the kiddo is going to day camp to play with some more delicious things.  Stay with me!

Hope everyone is off to a fantastic summer start!

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